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Today is Joel’s and my twentieth anniversary, and I don’t feel like doing much blogging. But here are a few links.

Evaluating NCLB (or any other reform for that matter). NCLB = No Child Left Behind.

For crying out loud, let prisoners get letters from home. A real letter in an actual envelope – it’s not too much to ask.

Beyond being just plain silly, the program helps ensure that recidivism rates will remain high. How? Well, it’s commonly accepted that people who return home to a family or other community support are less likely to reoffend. The harder it becomes for people to stay in meaningful touch with those family members, the harder it will be for them to reconnect with family upon community re-entry.

NSA on the Enigma.

Wednesday on the PopeTrail.

Taking Inspiration And Ideas From Others — Ur Doin It Wrong.

When is hot too hot?

When a Woman Runs for President — in Afghanistan.

Spain- A Picture of Gender Equality.

2nd Amendment: A Rant.

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