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The other statement from Sudan to Lambeth, this one not about homosexuality.

tmatt at Get Religion about Karadzic, Serbian Orthodoxy, and the complexity of assessing the role of “the church” in the war in former Yugoslavia (and what he says about interfaith efforts for peace matches what I remember hearing from Joel at the time – Joel worked with peace groups in former Yugoslavia during the summer of 1992 while I supported him here). Hat tip to Rod Dreher.

I like Daniel’s idea of the proper response to P. Z. Myers’ stunt with the communion wafer.

Also at Crooked Timber, everything you ever wanted to know about the Nazis’ war on sans serif fonts.

If You Like Counterproductive Imperialism, You’ll Love McCain.

Prophets and Priests (includes spoilers on the Dark Knight).

Why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test. (Hat tip to Echidne of the Snakes.)

thinking through machismo.

Math is for Girls.

2009 UUA presidential election resources.

Unsung Heroes of Hip Hop: Roger Linn.

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