Monday morning election links

Posted by Sappho on September 8th, 2008 filed in Blogwatch, Election 2008

I was going to write more long posts about election stuff, but, well, I don’t quite have the energy for that right now, so, just links.

Biden on economic issues:

Why the Candidates Aren’t Talking Much About Judicial Nominations.

Jindal, Obama and the Relevance of Merit.

Westmoreland calls Obama “uppity.”

Public Service Announcement about voter registration deadlines.

Some last (I intend) Palin links, before I shift focus back to McCain:

Slate’s Sarah Palin FAQ.

Open letter from Anne Kilkenny, a Wasilla resident who knows Sarah Palin and her record there.

Dahlia Lithwick on How to Debate a Girl, and Win.

With “Reformers” Like This, Who Needs the Status Quo?

Hmm, it turns out I was misremembering about Quayle; this Economist The case against Palin post indicates that he actually had more experience than Palin. Weaker campaign skills, though (unless she tanks in debate). Spiro Agnew might be the better analogy, since he fired up the base in ways Quayle never really did (he also infuriated liberals and eventually turned out to be corrupt, but that’s another matter).

In The End, It’s About McCain.

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