Honors for Vanessa’s and Chris’s mother

Posted by Sappho on November 13th, 2010 filed in Movies, Music

One version of how to succeed in the entertainment business: have two music teacher parents who encourage you to follow your dreams. Now it’s Helen Tinch Williams’ turn to be honored, and I’m passing on, for any old Millwood friends who didn’t see it already, the link her son Chris posted on Facebook:

Helen Tinch Williams, ’60, to be honored Friday at Hillman Opera.

Other entertainment stuff:

Andre Braugher is back on the New York Stage, starring in the New York premiere of Mathew Lopez’s stage drama “The Whipping Man.”

And, in the Netflix department, Joel and I watched “The Day Trippers” the other day. One sentence summary: A wife suspecting her husband of infidelity confides in her mother, and the mother drags the entire family to New York City to track down and confront the husband.

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