African Ingenuity Blogwatch: Poverty: Is the seemingly impossible, possible?

Posted by Sappho on December 27th, 2010 filed in African Ingenuity Blogwatch, Blogwatch

One of my cousins sends me a link to a TED talk by Hans Rosling on Poverty: Is the seemingly impossible, possible? Lots of interesting charts, comparing various developing countries, mostly in Africa, with European countries at different points in history; among other things, this talk shows the variety in the countries discussed.

Small scale solar power in Africa.

Desks for Malawi.

Kenyan Pundit on stepping down as Ushahidi director. Related: Kenya: ICT Activist Lands Key Google Post and CNN Africa’s Most Engaging Personality Of The Week: Ory Okolloh “Kenyan Pundit”.

Big returns spark sovereign funds’ rush for Kenyan firms.

To give conditionally or unconditionally?

“Sex And The City” Ghanaian Style

Gold Mining in Tanzania Gets Boost

Kenya: Central Bank Appointed G20 Financial Partner.

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