Do Republicans have better sex? On the reported orgasm gap between Republicans and Democrats

Posted by Sappho on February 3rd, 2012 filed in Sexuality

In Survey: Women Are from Mars, Men Are Adorable, Republicans Are Best in Bed, Jen Doll at the Atlantic Wire reports on the new singles in America study. I want to focus first on the “Republicans Are Best in Bed” part.

Republicans do it better. Or say they do, at least, claiming the most orgasms “despite having the least amount of sex.” More than half of conservative Republicans said they had an orgasm every time they had sex, compared to only 40 percent of liberal Democrats. Fill in the blanks: Liberal guilt is a _____ _____.

I think that, before we can draw any conclusions about this finding, we need to know whether it’s been controlled for gender. There’s a gender gap in politics, with men being relatively more likely to be conservative and Republican, and women being relatively more likely to be liberal and Democrat. There’s also an orgasm gap between the sexes, such that most men reportedly have an orgasm every time they have sex, while about 10% of women don’t reach orgasm at all, and many more don’t have an orgasm every time they have sex. These two facts, combined, could well, all by themselves, account for the orgasm gap between Republicans and Democrats, if the results haven’t been controlled for whether the respondent is male or female.

That said, though I see nothing that indicates the study counters the stereotype about the sexes that men tend to have orgasms more quickly and easily than women, there is some pushback to the “men trade love for sex while women trade sex for love” stereotype. In the words of the Atlantic article,

Men are woefully misunderstood. Just because that guy broke up with you after seven dates using the well-practiced method of never speaking to you again doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt him deeply — nor that he’s not still pining away after you. Among the learnings gleaned via this survey about menfolk: Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight; men believe couples can stay married forever; men like to show affection; men think sex is better with a long-term partner than a one-night stand (except maybe this guy); men are, by and large, adorable, loving individuals and why they ever got a bad rap is a mystery to us all, Gary.

Women are sex fiends! Ok, not fiends, per se, but 50 percent would dump a guy for being bad in bed. Meanwhile, men were turned off by low sex drive in a partner. It’s the age-old battle of quantity vs. quality, some might say. Women also enjoy ambition, cleanliness, independence, and a sense of humor. Men, for the record, like ambition too, and we’d guess they also like their partners to be clean, though that was not reported. In other news, now that it’s 2012, men mostly don’t mind being stay at home dads, or, at least, think it’s acceptable. Stereotypes be gone!

So, there you have it. Women want great sex, and men actually will buy the cow if you give away the milk for free. But I still think that the guy who broke up with me using the well-practiced method of never speaking to me again didn’t shed any tears about the break up, and that it was probably an entirely different guy who kept pining for me.

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  1. Kai Jones Says:

    The guy I dated at the end of my freshman year of high school broke up with me on Homecoming of sophomore year. We got back together a year later (his idea), dated until just after graduation, and then he broke up with me again.

    Six months later he asked me to marry him, out of the clear blue sky (I hadn’t seen him but once in between, although he confessed he’d seen me-he’d been stalking me). But I wasn’t willing to give him another chance to break up with me. I’ve always been convinced that I’d have had a miserable life with him, even though I have to admit the sex was fabulous.