Phone banking and swimming

Posted by Sappho on November 4th, 2012 filed in Daily Life

I’m recovering my energy somewhat from the chemotherapy fatigue. I felt recovered enough to sign up to phone bank yesterday (though not quite enough to go with the “take multiple shifts, I’ll rest on Wednesday” option). It’s the only campaigning I’ve been able to do this time around (a big change from 2008), because until now I was so drained from the cancer and cancer treatment.

If I were, like my sister, in Brooklyn, it might have been hard to tell which building had the GOTV campaign, since there was no actual sign announcing it. This being Orange County, California, I could guess that I’d reached the right hotel from the fact that the bumper stickers weren’t Republican ones.

You bring your cell phone and, if you like, your laptop. Those with laptops can use a program, but the woman who trained me didn’t know the software, and I was just as happy to leave my laptop alone and go with the sheets. The way it works is that everyone gets sheets that go with one script, which you turn in after you’ve called everyone on your sheet once. Then the same sheets get redistributed for a second call to those people who weren’t home. Then you get new sheets, and a new script. The script isn’t to be followed exactly; you use your own words. But it does give you the differences in information for each set. First I got to call Iowa, which simply involved urging people who were down as supporters of Obama and Democrats to vote. Then I got Colorado, which was more complex. Colorado has a voter ID law. We were to get people to get out and vote, tell them their polling places, and make sure they knew what kind of ID to bring (various kinds are allowed, ranging from driver’s license to utility bill with address). Then we got to call the people who might need rides. For each set of calls, most people weren’t home (and you don’t leave messages), but occasionally people would call back (I got two calls back after I’d left the phone bank).

Today, I went back to the gym for the first time since my intermission between radiation and chemotherapy, and went for a swim.

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