Another problem with talk of man caves

Posted by Sappho on December 13th, 2012 filed in Uncategorized

Here’s the problem I see with generalizations about how you can best find happiness in heterosexual relationships by recognizing that men and women are different, and that the particular way in which they are different is that women want to talk, while men want to retreat into their man caves.

Before you marry, there’s a period when you’re dating, right? You’re trying to select the right person. And if you’re working from the principle that men and women Just Don’t Communicate That Well, then why not stick with that person whom you perhaps like and find attractive, but with whom your communication is absolutely horrible? It’s not as if the Man Cave Theory of Relationships offers you much hope that your communication is likely to be better with someone else.

But in fact, if your communication with this person is horrible, then it’s entirely likely that it will be better with someone else. Because however much or little men and women may differ on average, in practice there are some people of the opposite sex with whom your communication will go much better than with others.

One Response to “Another problem with talk of man caves”

  1. Kai Jones Says:

    Exactly. You may not be getting as much communication as you want, or communication on subjects you want, but what communication there is had better be good enough for you.