Lance Armstrong and Cancer Heroes

Posted by Sappho on January 19th, 2013 filed in Daily Life, News and Commentary

Nearly four months in remission, and a little over ten months since my diagnosis, I’m preparing for more follow up tests. Monday, a colonoscopy. Wednesday, a PET scan. Pre-colonoscopy low residue diet started Thursday. Liquid diet tomorrow. No exercise, prior to the PET scan, starting tomorrow. Colon prep tomorrow evening. No sugar or caffeine on Tuesday. Blood test already taken. After both tests, the wait to find out whether I’m really clear.

Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace is all over the news and Twitter and Facebook and the blogs, and all I can think of it, as I see people’s disappointment, is how many people need cancer heroes. He fought off cancer, returned to compete, raised money for charity, and proved to be a seriously flawed person.

“Do I get a medal for surviving this long?” asks the theme song for the Big C, a comedy series about living with cancer. And I think people do, often, want to give us a medal just for surviving. It seems only fair compensation for facing the illness. But those of us who survive, for however long we survive, have the same range of virtues and flaws as the rest of the world.

I’ve used Livestrong’s web site as a resource, though, when going through treatment (as well as other sites like Chemocare, the American Cancer Society web site, WebMD, Medscape, the CDC web site, and my own oncologist’s web site), and I’ll continue to use it. It has good, practical cancer support information, whatever scandal now envelops its founder.

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