Cats and Dogs

Posted by Sappho on February 5th, 2013 filed in News and Commentary

It is said, of dogs, that dogs are the only creature who love you more than they love themselves. It is said, of cats, that cats were once worshipped as gods, and they have never forgotten it.

To dogs, everything you do is awesome. Cats think it’s awesome when you do just what they want. And yet, cats offer such moments of love and forgiveness. A dog will go anywhere with you (a trip to the vet? my favorite thing!). A cat would prefer that you stay in place to take care of the cat’s needs.

We do things to cats that the cats can’t abide, and the cats never think we are right. But they forgive us for boxing them up, and putting them in a car, and taking them to the vet, and they come to us again, purring, and allow us to pet them.

And so, though I am not humble enough to love as a dog does, perhaps I can learn forgiveness from my cat.

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