Sympathy for the rapists, and the gallantry of roosters

Posted by Sappho on March 19th, 2013 filed in Feminism

Dumbest use of pseudo-evolutionary psychology in defense of rape:

Ann Althouse, reasonably, doesn’t find the sentence of the Steubenville rapists unduly severe.

A creepy guy under the pseudonym of “Dante” (because, perhaps, his belong in one of the nether circle of hell) shows up to troll her comments with the argument that it is dreadfully unjust to send rapists to jail, and that the real “criminal” (yes, he uses that word) is the woman, for, apparently, expecting not to be raped. Now, I realize that having creeps argue on the Internet that rape should be legal is an all too common and expected sequel to the event of a prominent rape case actually ending in a conviction. So perhaps you’ll tell me, hey, Lynn, someone’s always Wrong on the Internet. Go to bed and don’t feed the trolls.

But this case of trolling has an added, extra special touch. After several comments arguing his case, “Dante” produces his proof that Men Are That Way, and the legal system is Just Wrong for interfering with testosterone.

As an example, I offer up my experience with my rooster. Normally, I go into the fenced off area, throw down some food pellets on the ground, despite that it takes the chickens more time than eating from the food dispenser. They like to eat this way. The rooster loved this, and grew accustomed to me doing this.

Our remaining hen had managed to escape the fenced in area, and I captured her, put her under my arm, and walked into the enclosed area. I felt a pain in my leg, and realize the rooster was attacking me. I tried my best to express to the rooster that I was vastly superior in power and strength, without hurting him. My efforts including making myself large with my arms, loud with my voice, and indeed it had a momentary effect. That’s it: the rooster came back to fight again, and I realized he would fight to the death for his hen.

That’s how deep these things are. To the death.

If he had offered an example of his rooster actually raping a hen, that would be bad enough. Because humans aren’t roosters, and we can make laws against harming someone, and expect each other to obey such laws, even, if, hypothetically, the thing should be perfectly natural for a rooster to do.

But in fact, it’s worse than that. As “proof” that men are naturally predisposed to be rapists, oughtn’t to be legally expected to restrain themselves, and that, instead, the onus should be on women to never go to parties, never wear anything attractive, and never flirt, but rather stay locked in convents until their fathers arrange suitable marriages for them, “Dante” offers: An example of a rooster prepared to “fight to the death for his hen,” to rescue her from a giant creature capable of wringing any chicken’s neck. In other words, this brave, if futile, effort by a rooster Don Quixote to rescue his hen Dulcinea is exactly the same thing as gang raping a 16-year-old girl and posting photos of the assault to the Internet with the Twitter tag #deadgirl.

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