Welcome David Kasiba

Posted by Sappho on January 10th, 2014 filed in Blog maintenance

I have just added David Kasiba as one of the authors on this blog. David was one of my sister’s students, decades ago, when she taught high school, with the Peace Corps, in Kenya. He recently reconnected with my sister on Facebook. He lives in Kenya near the border between Kenya and Uganda.

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  1. Marian Neudel Says:

    Lynn–I’m the Wired Sisters, from Alexandria, which just kicked me out. I would really like to be able to comment or perhaps even post here. How do I do that? (My disownment from Alex was a result of not posting often enough and losing track of my password once too often, nothing substantive, you can verify with Our Glorious Leader if you like. I would really like to hang out here among like-minded folks. Alex was getting too conservative for me anyway and I had been thinking of leaving for a while. Hope you all are having a good new year, or at least better than last year. I fell on the ice last week and bashed my hip, didn’t break anything but I hurt a lot and spend a lot of time under the influence of various analgesics these days. If you feel this is not an appropriate site for me, could you maybe direct me to someplace else that is? Thanks.

    Peace and Light,