A New Grouse-Out

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Am I the only one who notices/cares about  (a) listing an online opus multiple times and/or under multiple titles, so that the reader clicks on it multiple times?  Like “are purple unicorns destroying Romania?” 3 or 4 times under “biology,” “European problems,” and “world politics”, plus “How do purple unicorns affect Eastern Europe?” and “Is there a solution to the Purple Unicorn problem?” under some of the same headings, all on the same page?

And an older but closely related phenomenon, publishers who put out a new paperback edition of a hardcover bestseller in three or four versions differing only in the color of the cover?  For a while, everybody was doing it, trying to trick the reader into buying all of them. Ultimately the readers caught on, but every now and then it still happens.

Red Emma

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  1. Sappho Says:

    But all those different colors are *needed*, for people who arrange their bookshelves by color :-).