Identically Different

Posted by Sappho on May 9th, 2014 filed in DNA

Partly because this is relevant to the whole “gay gene” discussion, but also because it’s generally an interesting introduction to epigenetics, here’s a TED Talk by Tim Spector, the author of Identically Different: Why You Can Change Your Genes, a book discussing his research on identical twins.

Epigenetic effects can be passed on even from grandparents to grandchildren.

What epigenetic effects might I have inherited from my father’s experience of growing up under Nazi occupation?

2 Responses to “Identically Different”

  1. JayMan Says:

    I hope you realize that that’s all rubbish:

    Epigenetics | West Hunter

    Wiring the Brain: The Trouble with Epigenetics (Part 1)

    Wiring the Brain: The Trouble with Epigenetics (Part 2)

    Inherited memories | West Hunter

    Wiring the Brain: The Trouble with Epigenetics, Part 3 – over-fitting the noise

  2. Sappho Says:

    At the moment, I haven’t studied epigenetics fully enough to realize much of anything about it. I mean, I know the general concept, and I believe that there is such a thing (I don’t think it’s just warmed over Lamarck), but *how far* epigenetics extends, how much it explains, and how it really works is another matter. I mean to get a fuller understanding in time.