Sappho is a nom de Internet of Lynn Gazis-Sax. I grew up in New York, the child of a Greek immigrant father and an American-born mother. I’ve lived all my adult life in California. I’m one of nine children. I graduated from Stanford with a degree in psychology, but also took a number of computer courses both while at Stanford and also afterward from UC Berkeley extension, and my work has been various jobs in the computer field: computer operations, technical support, software engineering, and software quality assurance. Outside of my work, I’m active in my Quaker meeting in various roles (recording clerk, Ministry and Oversight committee member, First Day School, leading a Quran study, etc.). I have been married for eighteen years to Joel. We have no children, but are abundantly blessed with nephews and nieces.

Some of the topics on this blog don’t require too much explanation; as I’m a Quaker it’s not surprising that I should talk about Quaker practice, the Peace Testimony, the Bible, and the like, and then everyone does memes, talks about movies, and discusses the latest items in the news. I blog about feminism because I’m a feminist. I also have an interest in blogging about sexuality, in particular how people relate their faith to their sexuality, and in particular how people who are attracted to their own sex relate their faith to their sexuality. Beyond that, here are some of the topics that show up on my sidebar where the connection may not be obvious, and why I’ve blogged about them.

Why Africa? My sister-in-law is African, from Chad, and she’s the mother of about half of my nieces and nephews. Also, when I started looking for news from Chad, I found out that there are a whole lot of really cool blogs from Africa, and that the Internet provides an opportunity to get African perspectives that you’d never find otherwise.

Why Anarchism? Just because Emma Goldman is cool.

Why Catholic Worker? Dorothy Day is even more cool. And I’ve done things with the local Catholic Worker house on an intermittent basis.

Why so much about the Catholic and Episcopal churches? I was raised Episcopalian and married into a Catholic family.

Why Gnosticism? Well, I blog about orthodox Church Fathers, too. I’m interested in church history from all sides, including understanding the heresies that got rejected.

Why vaccinations? Because I maintain a FAQ on childhood vaccinations, that I need to update.